Hip Surgery

You may have had pain in your hip for a few days, or put up with it for many years. I know how disabling it can be. I will help you find the most effective solution for your problem.

Hip pain can be from a variety of structures in and around the joint itself. The cartilage in the hip can become worn out because of daily wear and tear, or previous injury to the joint.

Sometimes, pain can arise from the bone or soft tissues (muscles, ligaments or tendons) around the hip.

Occasionally, it may not be clear whether the pain is actually coming from the hip or the spine.

Whatever the case, following the consultation, I will examine you and conduct any necessary investigations promptly to help reach a diagnosis. We can then discuss any treatment you may require.

Often, you may require non-operative treatment such as pain killers or an injection. I do not offer unnecessary operations as all operations have associated risks. If an operation is required, please be reassured that this would only be offered if it is felt to be a safe and reasonable option.

For hip replacement surgery, I use the Exeter and C-Stem implants which have been around for many years, with excellent results.

Most patients will stay in hospital for 2-3 days following a hip replacement, though some may need to stay a little longer. Equally, some patients go home the day after surgery.

There will be some restrictions to activity levels for 6-12 weeks after hip replacement surgery and I will see you in clinic about 2 months after surgery and then again at the 12 months stage to make sure that you are doing well.