Hip Replacement

When your hip function has deteriorated significantly because of arthritis and associated pain, you may choose to have a hip replacement. I will go through the decision making with you in detail so you understand your treatment. Some people prefer not to have too much information but I will have to describe the procedure to some degree before we can proceed.

I use both cemented and uncemented hip implants with proven track record in the National Joint Registry. I use a variety of weight bearing surfaces depending on your needs. You will be given opportunity to ask any questions regarding the choice of implant.

There has been considerable media coverage surrounding ‘resurfacing’ hip replacement. There is a misconception that this surgery is less extensive than a standard hip replacement. This is not true. In fact, the scar for a resurfacing hip replacement can often be larger than a standard hip replacement to allow for access as there is less room inside the hip for a resurfacing.

I do not offer metal on metal hip replacements or resurfacing as there is a significant amount of data to suggest that the particles released from the bearing surfaces of these implants can cause complications and early failure in a significant proportion of patients.

If you have a metal on metal implant or resurfacing and are worried, or want to discuss any problems you have, please contact us.